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Tour guide transmitter
  • 10+10 pre-programmed channels, channels 1-10 are transmitting with low power (operating range: approx. 200 m), channels 11-20 are transmitting with increased power (PMR446 standard: high operating range of up to 2 km)
  • High battery capacity for continuous announcements of up to 6 hours
  • Fully programmable (depending on the application)
  • 3 different operating modes can be selected:
  • Continuous transmission
  • Voice control
  • Control via push-to-talk buttons (PTT)
  • Matching the tour guide receiver ATR200
  • Supplied with belt clip, lanyard

Licence-free, please refer to instruction manual on MONACORs website.
General information -
Description 20-channel tour guide transmitter
Carrier frequency range 446.00625-446.1 MHz
Audio frequency range -
Channels 20
Dynamic range -
RF S/N ratio -
Operating time -
Admiss. ambient temp. -10 °C to +40 °C
Power supply -
Dimensions -
Total weight -
Connections -
Specifications transmitter -
Transmitting power 10 mW/100 mW
Operating range 200 m/2 km
Power supply transmitter 1,200 mAh rech. lithium-ion batt.
Width transmitter 83 mm
Height transmitter 52 mm
Depth transmitter 27 mm
Weight transmitter 150 g
Connections transmitter 4-pole headset jack,

DC charging socket

Specifications receiver -
Audio signal receiver -
Power supply receiver -
Width receiver -
Height receiver -
Depth receiver -
Weight receiver -
Connections receiver -