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Passive UHF directional antenna
  • For wireless microphone systems (reception antenna) or for wireless in-ear monitoring systems, e.g. SIEM-111/5 from JTS (transmitting antenna)
  • Improved reception and a larger transmission range of 470-960 MHz
  • Rejects unwanted RF signals, minimises signal loss in multipath receptions and reduces interference susceptibility
  • Reliable operation also for short-term outdoor use
  • BNC connection (for UHF PLL receivers of the US/IN series or active antenna splitter UA-960)
  • Ideally suited for mobile applications, can be mounted onto any microphone stand with a thread of 9 mm (⅜") or 16 mm (⅝")

2 x UDA-49P required for diversity reception.
Frequency range 470-960 MHz
Wavelength -
Aperture angle 100°
Antenna gain ≥ 10 dB
Power supply -
Operating voltage -
Impedance level 50 Ω
Support 9 mm (⅜\") or 16 mm (⅝\")
Dimensions 360 x 350 x 36 mm

(sheet thickness: 1.7 mm)

Total length -
Weight 350 g
Connection BNC jack